Monday, June 29, 2009

a night post, because tonight, im out watching the moon.

Dragonfly IV
A dewy minty chalcedony sits atop of the goldfilled wire ring with a gold pewter dragonfly on each side.

"magentic; like the moon had entered my chest and filled it right up."

(S.M.K. , The Secret Life of Bees)

I wonder, how many other people in the world have thought about sitting there, sitting anywhere, staring up at the moon, and wondering who else is looking at the moon that same very second. I have and surely more than once. At one point in history, the moon was one of the biggest media monkey-makers of all time.

The moment we actually walked that walk, after talking about it for so long, man not only took a step, but a right of passage.
We had reached a milestone.

So what does the moon mean to us now? To me, the moon means connection, soul, and tremendous energy. I can't ever forget the time I camped at the beach with my family when we were younger. What I remember best, was that moment I fell asleep next to the ocean and never once felt scared. I fell asleep peacefully and almost felt the moon lighting up my insides, beating and breathing, in and out.
Because the moon was up there; keeping all of us lit, safe, and sound.
While we all are down here; laying, being, and quietly sleeping.

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