Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some recent press on Hovey Lee's jewelry & designs!

We absolutely love all the news and press
that revolves around what Hovey Lee is doing
and we would love to share some with you!

Featured here: http://smittenblogdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/02/free-giveaways-and-new-ismitten.html

and also within IN STYLE magazine

Campbell III $40.00
The fabulous and light weight delicate filigree leaf shape earrings are irresistable! 2"X2".
Made with reclaimed brass metal.

At the Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week, the Daily Spin stopped in with Hovey Lee &

you can view the video and get the chance to meet Hovey here: http://www.spindaily.com/content/view/248/1/

At Style Maven, they got the scoop on Hovey Lee:
"For Hovey Lee, it was quite a natural thing for to start a jewelry design studio. Hovey's Interior Designer father and Hong Kong upbringing bring a unique East West aesthetic to her collections. In October 2002 Hovey launched her website. With her design studio and own business Hovey can be 100% passionate about her work. It’s a necessary creative outlet for me...and of course, it's a great excuse for her to stock up on gemstones and amass an amazing collection of jewelry."

What is your inspiration for the latest collection?

My mom’s pearl and gold jewelry, Todd Brown’s paintings, and my recently acquired collection of uniquely shaped and colored gemstones.

and to read more, check out:

The world wide web has found Hovey Lee and just cannot stop talking about her. We love it, the online publicity achieves one of her main goals: staying true to helping the environment. We all know how going paperless helps...

Here at http://www.greengrownandsexy.com/?p=3086 they enlisted an entire entry just for Hovey & her designs. They say:

In 2005 Hovey Lee launched her first jewelry line and captured the attention of the fashion and art communities. Since then her jewelry has been selected by fine art exhibits and featured in jewelry shows and boutiques around the nation and overseas."

To read more make sure you head over to greengrownandsexy.com

and last but not least:


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