Thursday, July 2, 2009

Overjoyed and Under a Spell


One night, a girl traveled to an ocean shore nearby. She was with a boy and they both were overjoyed. Overwhelmed and under a spell, they felt like a moonlit swim in the ocean was the only cure. Before dawn breaks, they abandon their quiet, cave-like and newfound home to head inward. Suddenly, this girl realizes she left behind her rings, her gem stones, these things she felt naked without. And so, upon daybreak, she set out to search for the rings she left behind.
With all hope that they would still be there,
among the people that have set up their umbrellas
and boogie boards
and among all the children playing by the sea,
there, upon the rock she left them,
were her rings.

She felt as if she had lost herself, and found herself that moment.
The gems, the stones, the memories captured
within those pieces of jewelry,
were also pieces of her,
lost and then found again.

Hovey Lee jewelry featured in video:Earth VIII $42.00
Ultra-sophisticated and earthy, this ring is the nature-loving cocktail ring.
The dramatic wood marquise (almost 3/4" wide and 1.5" tall)
is wire wrapped underneath a vine charm centered on a hand hammered gold plated band.
Cactus Bloom IV $145
Three leaves of turquoise with a handmade scroll accent. Turquoise about 1" tall.
Allott $46.00
Genuine pink peach shell, about 1" across, polished to a glowy sheen.

Shalesh Gold $58.00
Cluster of matte goldplated round wavy vintage coins dangle toggle bracelet.
Coins range from .75 inches to 1.5 inch.
Made with recycled base metal with new goldplating 7-8 inches long.

*music: modest mouse

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  1. Just wanted to say that your jewellery is totally fabulous! I particularly love your coin bracelet!