Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beating flowers into the mud.

Beauty is everywhere.

Sometimes we just get so consumed with whats on our to-do list, we forget to find the time to sit back and watch.

The beauty is a variety of things.
Starting simple.. the beauty in the way moss grows.I can't help but wonder how beautiful the tiny creatures living down there know it is.

I love the way moss adds texture and color to the shadiest places.

Beauty in the smile of a child being a child;
oh how I feel like those days were just yesterday.

The way the sun looks when it casts colors
and creates shadows upon a mountain.

and the way the eyes of a beautiful soul
make your insides hum with warmth.

All around us: the beauty we need to stop and enjoy from nature every day.

see the world how hovey lee sees.
natural beauty. handmade.
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be true to yourself and be free.
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