Tuesday, August 4, 2009

time-less: adj. eternal, everlasting, immortal, ageless.

Kerin $56.00
Elegant and timeless, these earrings echo the designs and craftmanship of the
Byzantine era with hammered texture on the metal ear piece.
Set in warm goldplated reclaimed brass are vibrant lemon or lime rock crystals.
Approx. 2" long.

As we grow older, I believe we start see things in a broader range, seeing life with more of an open mind. Upon the explosion of 'eco-friendly', the word 'green' has also given us more to think about than just the color. Even as consumers are approaching being open to a newer lifestyle; one that consists of less chemicals, less carbon footprints and using less energy, there are still people out there who have chosen not to make a change, even a slight one. One of the most amazing concepts within that of the 'eco-friendly' movement, is if the eco product is a fairly priced replacement of whatever it is replacing, it truly is better for the consumer in more ways than I can't count on both hands. To start, you are truly making an impact on helping the environment. Secondly, the product is going to be more sustainable and will last longer for the consumer, having not had tons of chemicals used in its manufactuing process. So as you continue to go along your day, whether its trying organic food, looking for a new car, or simply trying to find something to wear.. don't forget how far you will come, as well as our environment, just for making that small change. And remember, when it comes to the best selling "eco-chic" jewelry, Hovey Lee's collections never cease to amaze.

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