Friday, December 4, 2009

Twenty Four Things..

Well I know they say its 24 days of Christmas.
THE 24 things I LOVE MOST.

(and in no particular order)
1. Tyler, my brother: who inspires me every day and I without doubt couldn't live without.

2. Luc, otis & lola : my laughter stems from their souls. My most loyal companions that I have yet to love thus far.

3.the teachers I have had in my life: and I meet new ones every day.
4.the way the day looks once rain is over: the wind on my nose.
5. The few friends that continue to support me: and consistantly surprise me in their unconditional love for me as family. you know who you are.
6. A crescent moon: it's quite beautiful.
7. The way words can flow like the grand canyon: rivers and waves of emotion; unkept.

8. My best friend and her children: because they have become a part of me.
9. Butterflies in your stomache: we never really know what will happen next.
10. Girlfriends and memories: because childhood will never fully leave any of us.

11. Jacuzzi time in the rain: nothing has ever felt so refreshing.
12. Jog-a-thons: big pops and no class; no brainer.
13. Falling down: because when I'm up, I'm up.

14. Accomplishing my dream of running my own retail store... and at 20 years of age: hey that's just a load off my back.

15. Setting new sites: furthering my horizons: fall is my favorite season, new york is my favorite state.
16. Learning to never settle: the guy will get it when he's eatin your dust.
17. Heavy and I mean heavy, music: no need to say more.
18. Roadtrips with friends: the desert is a beautiful thing through the backseat window at night.

19. Collecting things I cherish: as I go; along the way I say...
20. Being girly: never ceases to jumpstart a little confidence..

21. A long long drive down PCH: its my favorite way to vent.

22. Sleeping by the ocean, like camping on birthdays when we were just kids: there is nothing like dreaming by the sea of mystery.
23. Sharing good times with the people I love most: it's only going to get better and bumpier.

24. the inspiration i get from Hovey Lee and her magical creativity with precious stones and recycled metals; there is beauty in everything.

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