Friday, June 11, 2010

about the designer: who is hovey lee?

As a child Hovey adored her mother's great sense of style and always loved the visits to tailors and jewelers. She was also enchanted by the eclectic designs and custom furniture her father, an interior designer, created for their home. Hovey has a degree in music as well as library science, but jewelry making has been apart of her life since her teenage years. With the constant encouragement and support from her friends and family, Hovey launched her own jewelry line in 2005 and instantly captured the attention of both the fashion and art communities. She was selected by Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion as the accessory designer that same year.

Hovey's collection is inspired by both design forms and by world cultures. She studies the essential design elements from different ethnic styles and fuses them with her California sensibility to create a stylish, interesting and fresh look.

If you have always dreamed about jewelry making
and aspire to have your own collection one day,
send no more than two of your own designs to hovey lee.
let us know you've sent them via our facebook fan page.
the winning fan will be entered to win a very special
one on one jewelry 101 with hovey lee!
go ahead, send us your designs,
we want to see what you've been working on!

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