Tuesday, June 1, 2010

like bees make honey.

darwin once said, "it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. it is the one who is most adaptable to change."

inspired by hovey lee's humble achievement to change the way eco-friendly products are viewed, i cant help but think about all of the change i have noticed in my life and around it. so here i am, to write about it. oh and here is something for those of you who are about to read this. update your facebook status with a hope, dream or wish that you have, for your future, no one elses'. (if you comment back on this blog or our facebook page, you will automatically be entered to win a hand crafted hovey lee piece.) go ahead, be selfish!

looking back over the past few years, the word change would be an understatement. i have loved and i have lost. i have cried, screamed, and fought- to only win and lose some. i have gained new friends and i have let go of old ones, and right now, is what is most important. never knowing exactly what the future holds, we all might have some idea as to where we are leading ourselves; if we continue what we are doing now it will have a direct influence on our futures. so the big question is, what are we doing?

we can all only speak for ourselves, but i really don't mind stating a view observations. for starters, we are doing less and complaining more. we are finding the better bargain and not what is best all around. we are substituting with artificial flavors and colors and light. we are finding the profit point for our company's opposed to the most profitable point for our consumers. we are listening to ipods and iphones and ichats and not listening to each other. our connections have become most recent updates on several social network sites. we would rather send people instant messages and mixed signals than to be ourselves and show who we are, for real, in person, flaws included; sorry no photoshop. i believe for many its become a disguise, a lucid dream, a mask to cover and sweep under the rug the realness. and for me, i cant help but step back. living in a treehouse cottage helps me with that. but it also helps. and so here i am talking about change. be inspired by the little things and the little people in your life.

i aspire to publish a book one day.

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