Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabrics & Materials & Products...Oh My!

It can be overwhelming these days to try and see through advertising fluff and really understand what it is you are consuming. Personally I have a hierarchy of fabrics and materials that fit into 3 very distinct categories...those I try to never purchase, those I sometimes purchase based on the way they are produced, and those I absolutely love. The first category mostly contains virgin artificial materials. The second category is home to natural materials, and artificial materials made from recycled goods. The third category is composed of organic, and repurposed, natural materials.

Let's cut through all the mumbo jumbo...here are my favorite fabrics/materials for the most essential parts of my closet.

When it comes to clothes I absolutely love organic cotton. It's soft, it's easy to find, and it's easy to care for. Wrinkled? Pull out a steamer. Dirty? Throw it in the laundry. Designers are creating everything from avant garde evening gowns to t-shirts to denim to blazers to winter coats in organic cotton.

Organic Cotton Laurel Military Jacket by Kelly B Couture (Photo Credit: Kelly B Couture)

For handbags my favorite material is repurposed leather. I know I'm not gaining any popularity with vegans, but to me repurposed leather is the perfect thing to sling over my shoulder. It's sturdy so the bag will last through the seasons. It doesn't require any sort of recycling process when being transformed from, say, a leather jacket to a fabulous handbag, which means less pollution. Plus, nothing looks classier than a beautiful leather handbag. I don't see repurposed leather as something that supports the leather industry. These beautiful pieces are being created from leather found in thrift stores and trash cans. If not reused, this leather would be heading straight for the landfill. Better on my arm than in a landfill!

Recycled Leather Oriole Clutch by Ashley Watson

Jewelry has to be vintage! If the whole piece isn't vintage it at least has to incorporate vintage stones, chains, or pendants. Aside from following my favorite green ritual of reuse, vintage jewelry has so much personality. The stories these pieces could tell!

Frankel by Hovey Lee featuring vintage crystals
 What are your favorite eco-chic materials and fabrics?

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  1. I have to add vintage cashmere to this list. Finding a second life to any existing materials is the best! ;-)