Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meeting the Eco Challenges Pt.2

1) Material Origin, Preferred Suppliers and Product Assurance

The country of origin and, if possible, the name of the specific mine, is to be provided for all rough and cut stones to be purchased by Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry. It is necessary to maintain a tight, consistent supply chain in order to ensure the quality and integrity of all products it offers. The goal is to work with the same suppliers whenever possible in order to ensure a consistent quality. The majority of the rough cut by our supplier comes directly from the mines. The mine operator warrants that the labor and environmental policies defined by Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry and our suppliers will be followed.2) Stone Treatment Policies
It is our goal to deal with 100% natural, untreated stones. However, there are certain types of gemstones where treatments are necessary or even preferred (such as citrine). All treated stones purchased are with disclosure to us about the exact nature of any and all treatments that have been performed on the stones. 3) Environmental and Waste Disposal Policies
Any and all waste materials or hazardous waste produced in the cutting facility is disposed of in safe and legal manner, in accordance with all local laws. 4) Fair Workers Compensation
It is the mission we ensures our suppliers that the cutting facility provides a safe and comfortable working environment where all employees are treated fairly and given an equal opportunity for growth within the company. No underage or undocumented workers have been employed by thecutting facility. All aspects of the cutting facility are run in an ethical, legal, and professional manner, and protocols are in place to ensure all factory employees conform to these demands.

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