Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thoughtful & Thankful: a Thanksgiving Holiday

Kinishba II
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Accents with faceted clear quartz and a long jet bone bead.

For me, this time of year means a variety of things. Above all of those things is family, which for me, includes my best friend Logan. That being said, it goes to show that family does not always mean they are a brother, sister, father, cousin or mother. I feel that you might now always need a holiday to find a reason to show your love and appreciation towards your loved ones, however it is a very good place to start!

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving with my family was very special. My mom slaved in the kitchen for hours and hours on end. The smell of her candied yams and baked brie always drew me out of my room and down into the coziness of my brothers' castles made out of our couch pillows, the hazelnut coffee brewing, pumpkin pies baking at 375 degrees and my father scrambling to keep all of us giving our mother a helping hand.

My mother and I never could wait for the pumpkin pies to dip our fingers into the cool whip, treating ourselves to the delicious whipped heaven. I would get caught dipping my head in the freezer and it's not because I didn't know how to handle the heat in the kitchen. Instead, it was my favorite way to eat that cool whip that I craved all year long. To this day, it is still my favorite way to eat it.

As I got older, I found a love to be behind the camera, so I was in charge of capturing the moments on my camera and the family video camera. My brothers and I loved finding new ways to annoy my father and I think he secretly enjoyed the attention from us. Now, we all still make sure to give thanks to each other, to ensure we toast to another year of love, support, health and laughter.

And so, until next year, don't wait to give thanks to your loved ones for without them, we would fall short as individuals, lose pride in the idea of teamwork, possibly lose touch with where we came from, and more so, give up the opportunity to find happiness in someone's joy.

Nightshade $36.00
This new collection of bold cocktail rings made of sterling silver wire
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

fall fashion frenzy

as the cold weather comes in to southern california,
i am hoping to get as much use out of my wool and maryjane boots this season as humanly possible. no matter how much fighting, pulling, zipping and unzipping i find myself doing this time of year, there is one thing i know to always be true. Finding what jewelry to wear is always easy. For fall and winter of 2009, Hovey Lee is introducing new pieces and this collection is all glam, all class and zero effort.
From Victorian inspiration from the early romance periods to modern glitz that is bold, daring, and still feminen.

Divine Design

There's never a better time to get involved.
We are getting our pieces together for this great event benefiting Project Angel Food!

100% of proceeds from the sale directly benefit Project Angel Food's mission to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.

Hovey Lee @ Sassy City Chicks Sample Sale

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This is one of the most exciting holiday sample sales in LA!!
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WHO: Hovey Lee Holiday SAMPLE SALE hosted by Sassy City Chicks
When:10:00AM Sunday, November 22nd
Where:Marina Del Rey Marriott: 4100 Admiralty Way, Los Angeles, CA

Event information and more details here

From our Fall/Winter 2009 c o l l e c t i o n...

my my m o d e r n . . .
glamour, glitz, glam.
New from the fall/winter 2009 collection
"Gotham" by Hovey Lee.
they're the rebel in you.
Gotham $40.00
Mod, free formed with a cut-out and rounded corners hang

from reclaimed silver ear wires to create a pair of fun
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Drop 1.5" from ear.