Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1. hovey lee's baby breath earrings // The perfect little present to say "hey, baby!" 
2. hovey lee e-gift card // Indulge in a shopping spree? Yes, please. 
3. hovey lee spark angel earrings // Can't go wrong with angel earrings that remind her of you!
4. madewell sidewalk skimmer // A shoe closet isn't complete without red flats. Trust me! 
5. bobbi set // Sparkle + pink = winning
6. image3d view master // The most thoughtful photo gift! Customize the reel with seven of your fave photos and watch them pop in the view master. 
7. juicy couture bralette // It's just cute and us girls all love a sexy bralette or two. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Malibu Collection

See the new resort collection - The Malibu at!

So excited to introduce the first new collection of the year, The Malibu. Inspired by one 
of the most serene beach towns on the planet, the collection has our signature 
nature-inspired theme with the incorporation of turquoise, a stone we always love. 
A stone thathas always been used since ancient times to promote serenity, peace and tranquility. Hope you like the pieces as much as we do!