Friday, August 28, 2009

weddings and more weddings.

"Campbell VIII"
The latest addition to the Campbell collection
features open rope embossed handwork and delicate floral design.
Large teardrop shape measures approx 1.6X2".
Made with reclaimed brass metal.

i have quite a few friends attending weddings every weekend this month, some of course, even on the same weekend. so love is in the air. fresh beginnings and a handful of "firsts". give your miss lovely a true treasure to treasure.

This sassy 16" delicate "y" style necklace features multi-color spinels suspending along the 4" tail.
Simply divine.
Teardrop spinels approx 8mm tall and may contain natural inclusions.
Your necklace may not look the same as in photo due to the varied colors of the gemstone.

Hovey Lee Custom Wedding pieces now available.
Perfect for any bride, bridesmaid.. or future bride.

Show her how much you love her.

contact me on facebook and i'll help design youre one of a kind gift.

Ashley Blair

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

beating flowers into the mud.

Beauty is everywhere.

Sometimes we just get so consumed with whats on our to-do list, we forget to find the time to sit back and watch.

The beauty is a variety of things.
Starting simple.. the beauty in the way moss grows.I can't help but wonder how beautiful the tiny creatures living down there know it is.

I love the way moss adds texture and color to the shadiest places.

Beauty in the smile of a child being a child;
oh how I feel like those days were just yesterday.

The way the sun looks when it casts colors
and creates shadows upon a mountain.

and the way the eyes of a beautiful soul
make your insides hum with warmth.

All around us: the beauty we need to stop and enjoy from nature every day.

see the world how hovey lee sees.
natural beauty. handmade.
available by going here

be true to yourself and be free.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

as summer comes to an end..

i remember the first day of summer.

june 21st. i could not wait to spend all day every day at the beach.

all summer long, with family and friends.

roadtrips, bombfires, and even purple sand..

a great friend and i traveled very far... but

we found what we were looking for..

and so, with night after night,

of gazing at that big old' moon,

the nights are cooling off quicker,
and the days are starting to feel a bit shorter.

and so she was swimming in the water,
flourescent blue and golden-like.

green leaves turning to gold,

seasons change,
and so do we,
and i do not mind a bit.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

seasons change, and so do we.

If we had a keen vision of all that is ordinary in human life,
it would be like hearing the grass grow or the squirrel's heart beat, and we should die of that roar which is the other side of silence.

George Eliot

information about the jewelry shown here coming asap.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

time-less: adj. eternal, everlasting, immortal, ageless.

Kerin $56.00
Elegant and timeless, these earrings echo the designs and craftmanship of the
Byzantine era with hammered texture on the metal ear piece.
Set in warm goldplated reclaimed brass are vibrant lemon or lime rock crystals.
Approx. 2" long.

As we grow older, I believe we start see things in a broader range, seeing life with more of an open mind. Upon the explosion of 'eco-friendly', the word 'green' has also given us more to think about than just the color. Even as consumers are approaching being open to a newer lifestyle; one that consists of less chemicals, less carbon footprints and using less energy, there are still people out there who have chosen not to make a change, even a slight one. One of the most amazing concepts within that of the 'eco-friendly' movement, is if the eco product is a fairly priced replacement of whatever it is replacing, it truly is better for the consumer in more ways than I can't count on both hands. To start, you are truly making an impact on helping the environment. Secondly, the product is going to be more sustainable and will last longer for the consumer, having not had tons of chemicals used in its manufactuing process. So as you continue to go along your day, whether its trying organic food, looking for a new car, or simply trying to find something to wear.. don't forget how far you will come, as well as our environment, just for making that small change. And remember, when it comes to the best selling "eco-chic" jewelry, Hovey Lee's collections never cease to amaze.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hovey Lee pieces featured in Coco Magazine

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