Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some recent press on Hovey Lee's jewelry & designs!

We absolutely love all the news and press
that revolves around what Hovey Lee is doing
and we would love to share some with you!

Featured here: http://smittenblogdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/02/free-giveaways-and-new-ismitten.html

and also within IN STYLE magazine

Campbell III $40.00
The fabulous and light weight delicate filigree leaf shape earrings are irresistable! 2"X2".
Made with reclaimed brass metal.

At the Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week, the Daily Spin stopped in with Hovey Lee &

you can view the video and get the chance to meet Hovey here: http://www.spindaily.com/content/view/248/1/

At Style Maven, they got the scoop on Hovey Lee:
"For Hovey Lee, it was quite a natural thing for to start a jewelry design studio. Hovey's Interior Designer father and Hong Kong upbringing bring a unique East West aesthetic to her collections. In October 2002 Hovey launched her website. With her design studio and own business Hovey can be 100% passionate about her work. It’s a necessary creative outlet for me...and of course, it's a great excuse for her to stock up on gemstones and amass an amazing collection of jewelry."

What is your inspiration for the latest collection?

My mom’s pearl and gold jewelry, Todd Brown’s paintings, and my recently acquired collection of uniquely shaped and colored gemstones.

and to read more, check out:

The world wide web has found Hovey Lee and just cannot stop talking about her. We love it, the online publicity achieves one of her main goals: staying true to helping the environment. We all know how going paperless helps...

Here at http://www.greengrownandsexy.com/?p=3086 they enlisted an entire entry just for Hovey & her designs. They say:

In 2005 Hovey Lee launched her first jewelry line and captured the attention of the fashion and art communities. Since then her jewelry has been selected by fine art exhibits and featured in jewelry shows and boutiques around the nation and overseas."

To read more make sure you head over to greengrownandsexy.com

and last but not least:


Monday, June 29, 2009

a night post, because tonight, im out watching the moon.

Dragonfly IV
A dewy minty chalcedony sits atop of the goldfilled wire ring with a gold pewter dragonfly on each side.

"magentic; like the moon had entered my chest and filled it right up."

(S.M.K. , The Secret Life of Bees)

I wonder, how many other people in the world have thought about sitting there, sitting anywhere, staring up at the moon, and wondering who else is looking at the moon that same very second. I have and surely more than once. At one point in history, the moon was one of the biggest media monkey-makers of all time.

The moment we actually walked that walk, after talking about it for so long, man not only took a step, but a right of passage.
We had reached a milestone.

So what does the moon mean to us now? To me, the moon means connection, soul, and tremendous energy. I can't ever forget the time I camped at the beach with my family when we were younger. What I remember best, was that moment I fell asleep next to the ocean and never once felt scared. I fell asleep peacefully and almost felt the moon lighting up my insides, beating and breathing, in and out.
Because the moon was up there; keeping all of us lit, safe, and sound.
While we all are down here; laying, being, and quietly sleeping.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

a summer sunday bbq, whats on the menu?

Some beautiful and affordable ways to make any bbq with friends & family unforgettable.
So what's on the menu?
and ladies, just what are we going to wear?

Well, one thing we know we will make the outfit no matter what:

some eco-chic jewelry by Hovey Lee.

The food menu:
While you don’t have to go full-time veg to green your lifestyle, many people are surprised to learn that simply cutting out meat consumption is one of the most significant ways to help to the environment.

Appetizers: Green Been, Corn, and Tomato Salad

To ease mealtime preparation, cook the corn and beans early in the day, toss them with olive oil and smashed garlic, and keep them in the refrigerator. To remove corn kernels from the cob, hold the ear upright on its flat end on a cutting board; with a sharp knife, cut along the length of the cob to remove the kernels, turning the cob as you go.


On The Grill:
Turkey Burgers
For juicy burgers, use ground turkey that's at least 7 percent fat. Sour cream, mango chutney, and mustard will give them additional flavor and moisture.


For Desert: Orange-Walnut Cake
This dessert makes guests happy in many ways. It's loaded with vitamins B12 (from the yogurt) and C (orange juice), folate (OJ, again), and omega-3 fatty acids (walnuts) -- all nutrients shown to boost your mood.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We believe..

We believe in celebrating our heritage and rejoicing in multiculturalism, a quality we constantly try to communicate in our collections.

We believe each woman is unique and her mood and style changes day to day.

Gumball Ring

Gumball ring on recycled wrapped copper wire band! A chic alternative to the silver and gold with different gumballs and sizes available: cultured pearls 10mm, rose quartz 15mm, and green agate 12mm.

That's why we do not confine oursleves to one signature look.

Soroko II
Jumbo stone rings on free form wire sculpture. Ring made of brass wire with copper accents.
So comfortable to wear! From left, choose from smokey quartz and labradorite.

We believe minimalism is overrated.

Tavia III
Circle earrings bedecked with tiny turquoise beads on goldplated frame. 1/8" in diameter.
A classic that will stay in vogue forever!
Very limited edition, get them while you can.

We believe in nourishing your heart first, showing and accepting kindness, and in both designs and business,

Heart Link
Three vintage wood heart charms connected by silver circle links.
Heart 1'X1' on 7' to 7.5' bracelet with double toggle closure.

we follow our hearts, not rules.

Every day we will be blogging and discussing a different part of nature that brings us inspiration, hope, or even the thought of a great memory.

We hope you might follow us along this journey, and at the same time, develop a keen vision to appreciate the profound work and design of Hovey Lee's.

Earth VI
Eye-catching with striking open continents cutout design, the slightly concave and subtly textured plated reclaimed brass disc measures approx. 1.25" in diameter and hangs from the center of a 16" link chain
with 2" extension. Available in matte gold and matte silver.

hugs and joyful days,

ashley blair (miss PR for Hovey Lee)

Exquisite Handmade Eco Jewelry, welcomes you to our new blog!

Yellowstone $42.00 Gently faceted yellow chalcedony nugget makes a bright statement on sterling silver band.

Welcome friends, family, and fans to our blog for Hovey Lee, designs & jewelry. We appreciate your support, and look forward to hearing your thoughts throughout the journey we will be taking on this blog, day by day, through the year.

Today reminds me that summer is here & in California the heat makes me start to wonder a bit about the sun.

Our sun.

(photographed: Copperfrilli

(A unique umbrella shape copper earrings with a dangle of coral beads. Made with reclaimed and reprocessed copper metal. Approx. 2.5 inches long.)

I love the feeling of being a bit cold, enough where a small chill runs down your back, and then the moment you step into a bit of sun, the warmth covers your exterior and inside, you feel extremely happy. Even if it's happy for just a moment, it's ok. The feeling is just different when you are in the 'love of the sun'.

So today, remember that as each day ends, another will begin tomorrow. And the sun rises each day, as do we.

Always and consistantly rising.