Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Win HL Jewelry featured in Women's Health Magazine

Check us out in the December 2011 issue of Women's Health magazine featuring our Rosewood earrings! We are excited to be sponsoring not one but SIX Win Today prizes on womenshealth.com throughout December. Here are the prizes and the dates they are featured. Mark your calendar and enter to win here or buy here!

Women's Health Magazine

December 6 - Rosewood Earrings

December 6 - Rosewood Earrings

December 11 - Kyoto Necklace

December 11 - Kyoto Necklace

December 15 - Starfish Necklace

December 15 - Starfish Necklace

December 21 - Peacock Green Earrings

December 21 - Peacock Green Earrings

December 25 - Chrys Silver Necklace

December 25 - Chrys Silver Necklace

December 31 - Living Tree V Necklace

December 31 - Living Tree V Necklace

View all six pieces on HoveyLee.com, click on WH's Prizes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Guys n Girls + Jazz Holiday Debut at UniqueLA

Will you be in the City of Angels this weekend? We are excited to be presenting two new collections at Unique LA, the largest independent design show in the country on Dec 3 and 4. Our Jazz! Holiday and Guys n Girls collections will be featured and on sale for holiday shopping! Plus we'll bring a few samples of the upcoming yet-to-be-named collection to see what you think about them.

Jewelry that looks great on both Guys n Girls --

Guys n Girls

On her: Adil and Herrera Copper bracelets; On him: Zipper and Herrera brass bracelets

Guys n Girls
On her: Butterfly 60 bracelets and Vanna III from the Jazz! Holiday collection; On him: Peace Prize and Shield rings

Guys n Girls
Peace Prize and Shield rings

Guys n Girls
Guys n Girls Shield Gem necklaces

Guys n Girls
Guys n Girls Zipper and Brass chain bracelets

Guys n Girls
Adil and Hemsley III bracelets

Click here for Unique LA ticket information Can't make it to LA? Make sure to check out our lookbook to see the entire collections!

p.s. All pieces available at hoveylee.com. Cyber Monday shopping is in full force, FREE SHIPPING + code THANKSGIVING. ;-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday 2011 Photoshoot

We just wrapped up the photoshoot this past weekend and can't wait to share the gorgeous photos with you. Ashley Blair, our photographer and PR extraordinaire led a group of four models - Brooke, Nicole, Anthony and Nick, and set our scenes at the top of the Malibu Canyon. Here are a few from the Jazz Holiday collection, and there are more photos in our Lookbook!

Jazz Holiday

Jazz Holiday

Jazz Holiday

Also click here to check out some behind-the-scenes shots on our Facebook!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving For All

In February this year we introduced a limited edition bracelet to benefit Project Angel Food, a local meals on wheels program that prepares and delivers 1,500 meals each day to children and people who are affected by serious illnesses. We had a goal of selling 100 bracelets by end of 2011 which will contribute approx 300 meals to the organization. Today we're grateful to report that over 80 bracelets have been sold. We need your help to acheive our goal, less than 20 bracelets left!

This is a call you can answer. We can’t justify people living with hunger. We must do all we can to change this. Read more about Project Angel Food and consider getting a bracelet for yourself or your loved ones. As we know especially around the time of Thanksgiving, we are blessed with abundancy and warmth from our family, lets not forget there are people who are not as fortunate and we have the ability to feed hundreds of individuals. Let’s carry that resolve throughout this holiday season and beyond.

Project Angel Postcard
Project Angel Postcard

Project Angel Braclets
Project Angel Bracelets

Project Angel


Click here to purchase the bracelet on hoveylee.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All That Jazz!

I have been studying the old elegance of the Jazz Age for some time and waiting for the right moment to create our own interpretation around it. Recently luck brought us to some wonderful vintage Swarovski crystals greatly inspired us and we knew they would be perfect for the mini Jazz collection. Swarovski, the leading provider of high-quality crystals, had its boom time as the lust for opulence in the Jazz Age of the 1920s and 1930s was just being introduced. Swarovski worked closely with already big fashion names at the time - Balenciaga, Chanel and Schiaparelli, made crystals became an integral ingredient in fashion.

Crystals make jewelry dance, creating a dazzling light show unlike any other material. We have the challenge to use the uncommon shapes of the vintage crystals that many of us don't see everyday now: polygones, squares and retangles. We are very lucky to have the chance to rework these materials into new pieces. We hope you enjoy the romance and elegance of these modernized Jazz Age designs as much as we did while designing them.


Halle Earrings

Marika Earrings

Stardust VI Earrings
See the rest of our collection! Visit hoveylee.com.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Shift!

Shift is a conscious clothing boutique located just off Main Street, Hyannis, MA geared towards women of all ages who enjoy quality wardrobe staples as much as couture clothing and a connection to what they wear. The lovely boutique has been carrying HL Eco Jewelry since their opening and this Friday Nov 4, 2011 they are celebrating their second year anniversary. Congratulations, Shift!

Lovely store!

Best eco boutique in Hyannis - Shift

Display of HL pieces in Shift.
Photo courtesy of Shift Boutique.

Is there a boutique you'd like HL to be in? Let us know! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby is Six - Contest #3 - I Heart ...

This would be a real test of our fans...simple steps but enter this Baby is Six contest only if you really LOVE us and not afraid to SHOW it! :-) Yes? Read on!

1) Visit hoveylee.com and choose the piece you are passionate about. (e.g. Vanna III earrings)

2) Copy and paste the URL of the piece from the site to your Facebook status. (e.g. http://www.hoveylee.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=997) The description and picture of the piece should show up in the box, if not make sure you choose the correct picture.

3) Say something about the piece and tag us (use the @ sign and choose Hovey Lee - Exquisite Handmade Eco Jewelry). Make it fun, share with others your style and passion and bring home the prize!

Winner will receive her favorite piece. 1 entry per person. We will pick a winner when we reach 10 participants. So tell your friends to enter too! Contest starts Tue Oct 25th and ends Oct 31st 9pm PST.

Good luck!!! Start by picking your favorite on hoveylee.com now!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Modern

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is a great museum that houses beautiful works of the modern masters, on view right now is Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park series! I'm thrilled that the museum store carries our jewelry since 2010. I can't wait to visit the museum in person!

The Modern
The building is a work of art.

The Modern
The Modern Shop.

The Modern
Display of HL pieces in The Modern Shop.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby is Six - Contest #2 - Get Creative for Your Charity!

We want to celebrate our 6 years of creativity with our fans and benefit your favorite charity! Send us a photo of something you create...a scenic photo or a goofy video you take, cookies you bake, a piece of jewelry you make, a scrapbook, a craft project etc... no category limit as long as you have fun in the process of making it! It can be something simple and fun or complex and dark or anything in between! :)

The winner will win a piece of HL jewelry upto $100 value! Hovey Lee Jewelry will also donate $100 to the charity of the winner's choice.

Winner will be selected based on the number of likes for the entry! Contest starts Oct 11 and ends Oct 17 9pm PST. We will declare the winner on Oct 18.

How to Submit:
1. Entry would be in the form of a photo or video with caption that includes which charity you are playing for, and post on Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry's Facebook wall. By entering the contest you agree to let us repost your photo on the web.

2. Tell all your friends that you are playing for your charity and they can help you win by liking and commenting on your entry.

3. Vote for at least one entry other than your own by liking or commenting on it by Oct 17.

Good luck!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Then To Now

With the anniversary we celebrate this month, I wanted to extend a sincere and personal thank you to our customers and supporters who've been with us throughout the years! Six years ago when I left New York for San Francisco my day job let me telecommuting and I used the time saved to make jewelry, a long-time hobby of mine. I'd post pictures of my creations on my personal blog at the time, and friends were asking me to sell the pieces to them, and eventually I had to create a page to list them and that morphed into a web catalog. In October of 2005 I entered the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion which was a competition for emerging designers. I was very lucky to be selected winner in the jewelry category. That really made the turn for me and the line was officially launched.

Here are a few photos from that night at Gen Art Fresh Faces in 2005.
Gen Art
Gen Art
Gen Art

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Heart Big Bear!

Over the anniversary weekend we took a trip to Big Bear, about 2.5 hours drive east of LA. Crisp air scented with the aroma of the pines, and the clear tranquil water of the lake set the scene for our first time visit. We took our skates and strolled along the water most part of the first day. Ahhh, so relaxing, this is what I'm here for, no better way to celebrate 6 years of hard work!!! ;-)

Big Bear Lake
The shimmering lake

Big Bear Lake
By the boulder

Big Bear Lake
Who's here?

Next morning we took the Snow Summit chairlift up the mountain, a thrilling experience in itself, but definitely worth it! We enjoyed one of the most breathtaking views to be found anywhere.

Big Bear Lake
Ethereal...breathtaking view!

Big Bear Lake
Hiking at the top

Big Bear Lake
Chairlift ride is EXCITING!

Do you like short weekend trips? Have you taken one lately that you'd recommend to your friends?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby is SIX - Contest #1 - Online Scavenger Hunt

We're celebrating our 6th Anniversary with a bunch of fun contests. Here's Contest #1 - Scavenger Hunt. Go anywhere you need to go to find the answers -

  1. We know mining is harmful to the environment। According to nodirtygold.org, how many tons of waste does a gold ring generate?

  2. Name 2 charities HL Eco Jewelry already supports and 2 charities you would be interested in seeing added to that list.

  3. Name 2 pieces of HL Eco Jewelry that incorporate vintage crystals on them.

  4. What is one of the coolest materials you have seen recycled into nifty jewelry pieces?

Send your answers to info@hoveylee।com with email subject: HUNT. Starting now through Oct 9th 9pm PST.

One lucky winner will be chosen to win a cool $100 HoveyLee.com gift cert! We will declare the winner on Oct 10th! Contest open to the public so tell your friends to enter too!!!

We're back!!!!!

Hello and welcome to old and new followers! After a year long hiatus, we're restarting this blog and hopefully moving forward steadily and meaningfully! Gosh feeling we have so much to tell you!!!!

So what have we been up to? Lots!! Over the past year or so we have sourced new materials, tried different production methods, worked with different manufacturers...and the results allow us to change the way we put out our collections। If you are a regular visitor of hoveylee।com, you'll notice we put out new pieces on a monthly basis, instead of seasonal basis in the past। That's a lot more jewelry than before, and we think our fans love that and buyers too! ;-) We also have been on Facebook almost everyday! We love our fans and want to make connections!! Are you there too??

So many exciting things are lining up, but our 6th anniversary is up in 2 days on Oct 2!! We'll be blasting out goodies and contests to reward our fab customers and fans all throughout Oct। If you're reading this, leave us a comment on what you'd want to receive, what are you eyeing on hoveylee.com? You never know, we're very open as far as rewards are concerned! ;-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wax Carving Demo

We use a Zona Razor Hand Saw to cut the block of carving wax for this project. The model shown is 8 inches long with a thick kerf and 18 teeth per inch. Zona Razor saws come in fine, ultra thin, medium and thick kerfs and are excellent for wax working applications.
Design features a custom modeled frame with a dual purpose freeform channel wall for setting the red accent gemstones and securing the drusy in place. To make the base, we placed the drusy over the block of green carving wax and traces the outline onto it with a scribe. Will use the outline as a guide for modeling the frame. Dust the outline with talc to make it more visible.
We then use a Foredom Drill Press and a cylinder bur for modeling the block of carving wax. Here removing wax from the outside perimeter of the base. 
Controls the power from the flexible shaft using the foot pedal. The drill press is secured to the bench top so use both hands to safely control and maneuver the block of carving wax. Carefully removes wax along the guideline of the center stone. Use a smaller cylinder bur to remove wax around the inner portion of the base.
With the wax rim built up on the edge of the base, shape it using a cylinder bur and the Foredom Micro Motor high variable speed for wax working and says the flexibility of the cord between the control box and the high speed rotary handpiece makes it simple to maneuver and offers the best control.
After shaping the wax that was added on the outer side of the base, she uses the Micro Motor to remove all excess wax from it. There you have it! A custom made wax mold ready for casting!