Friday, September 30, 2016

The Amulet Collection

The Amulet is a collection comprised of luxe, crystal dusted, vintage as well as reclaimed metal pieces. The jewelry is inspired by the magic and spirit of the ancient Egyptian craft. The Amulet melds both Hovey’s research and her passion for jewelry making, keeping with her brand’s commitment to sustainability with reclaimed metals and vintage components. The collection aims to communicate the magical powers of protection in craft and designs.

Amulets played an important role in the design of ancient Egyptian jewelry. Each Amulet in ancient Egypt had a specific meaning and symbolic significance. The potency of amulets and talismans was recognized in the religious ceremonies and rituals. In ancient Egypt Amulets were than just 'lucky charms'. They were both were believed to have supernatural, magical powers of protection and used to avert danger and to dispel evil. 

See how these talisman and amulets form the basis of the designs in the Amulet collection!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Interview with Hovey Lee | Agreeable & Co

Our owner/designer recently did an interview with Agreeable & Co., an exclusivecurated & data-driven site dedicated to conscious consumption. They feature products that support the conscious lifestyle; for the brands that embody the philosophy; for the research that bolsters the field; for the consumers that actually care about making a difference.