Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Interview with Ethical Ocean

*Repost from our partner Ethical Ocean 11.5.2012

Inspired by nature, Hovey Lee—the designer of the self-named beautiful line of handmade eco-friendly jewelry created from recycled materials—has a keen eye for combining timeless style with social responsibility and sustainability. Her designs offer thoughtful, inspired, and meaningful pieces that are meant to be classic and incorporate principles of socially and environmentally responsible business by partnering with fair-trade vendors and eco-friendly material producers.

Not what you might expect, Hovey started her career in information sciences. As a hobby during college, she also attended student jewelry workshops, which lead to her interest in learning about the history of jewelry and different creative techniques. Over the years, she started making her own pieces and experimented with reclaimed metals and partnering up with local jewelry manufacturers.

“I started using reclaimed metals because it’s good for the environment. We also are able to have better control over the quality of the pieces because we work with local craftsmen,” says Hovey. “We source from different local and national vendors that are well-known in the eco-friendly world and jewelry industry – they are all certified green manufacturers. We also go to their site to monitor the process just to ensure the level of quality is up to our standards.”

And the social aspect of her business doesn’t stop there. Hovey is also committed to supporting a variety of different charities including UNICEFProject Angel Food, and Stand Up for Cancer. “We are doing more and more business with stores and buyers who are eco-conscious, and charities that our values are aligned with. Together, I am hoping we can make a difference in educating our customers and raising awareness of the importance of social and environmental responsibility,” adds Hovey.