Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wax Carving Demo

We use a Zona Razor Hand Saw to cut the block of carving wax for this project. The model shown is 8 inches long with a thick kerf and 18 teeth per inch. Zona Razor saws come in fine, ultra thin, medium and thick kerfs and are excellent for wax working applications.
Design features a custom modeled frame with a dual purpose freeform channel wall for setting the red accent gemstones and securing the drusy in place. To make the base, we placed the drusy over the block of green carving wax and traces the outline onto it with a scribe. Will use the outline as a guide for modeling the frame. Dust the outline with talc to make it more visible.
We then use a Foredom Drill Press and a cylinder bur for modeling the block of carving wax. Here removing wax from the outside perimeter of the base. 
Controls the power from the flexible shaft using the foot pedal. The drill press is secured to the bench top so use both hands to safely control and maneuver the block of carving wax. Carefully removes wax along the guideline of the center stone. Use a smaller cylinder bur to remove wax around the inner portion of the base.
With the wax rim built up on the edge of the base, shape it using a cylinder bur and the Foredom Micro Motor high variable speed for wax working and says the flexibility of the cord between the control box and the high speed rotary handpiece makes it simple to maneuver and offers the best control.
After shaping the wax that was added on the outer side of the base, she uses the Micro Motor to remove all excess wax from it. There you have it! A custom made wax mold ready for casting!