Friday, September 30, 2011

We're back!!!!!

Hello and welcome to old and new followers! After a year long hiatus, we're restarting this blog and hopefully moving forward steadily and meaningfully! Gosh feeling we have so much to tell you!!!!

So what have we been up to? Lots!! Over the past year or so we have sourced new materials, tried different production methods, worked with different manufacturers...and the results allow us to change the way we put out our collections। If you are a regular visitor of hoveylee।com, you'll notice we put out new pieces on a monthly basis, instead of seasonal basis in the past। That's a lot more jewelry than before, and we think our fans love that and buyers too! ;-) We also have been on Facebook almost everyday! We love our fans and want to make connections!! Are you there too??

So many exciting things are lining up, but our 6th anniversary is up in 2 days on Oct 2!! We'll be blasting out goodies and contests to reward our fab customers and fans all throughout Oct। If you're reading this, leave us a comment on what you'd want to receive, what are you eyeing on You never know, we're very open as far as rewards are concerned! ;-)


  1. Hovey, your jewelry is beautiful and unique! Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!! I love the Stardust VI earrings- they're next in my wish list. Gorgeous!!

  2. Congrats!! I love love love your new pieces!! I am especially enamored of the "Lachlan Earrings"--so beautiful and "recycled"!!

  3. Thank you Sandy! Thank you Val! :) Love to know your favorites. Hope you'd get them soon, or win them soon! Another contest is in the works now!! :)