Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Rushhh!!!

Rarely do I post pic of myself here, but hey here’s me! Working. Deciding on the length of this necklace. This is actually a video post on my Instagram (@hoveylee). That in fact has taken me over...I mean if I had to choose ONE social media to be on, that'd be Instagram! Follow and see what I'm many juicy daily posts to see. LOL! OK, and I'll follow you too, come on by and say hi there! 

Has the holiday just sneaked up on us or what?? So busy, who has time to eat or shop? We have SO. MUCH. NEW. JEWELRY!!! New additions to all three collections: ANGELS, ELEMENTS, and PACIFICA. All available online on, including these new Angels pieces which went live just last week! 

+++ I've handpicked a couple bestsellers that you will LOVE to GIVE for the holidays. Here they are:

Take a deep breath and the holiday will be over soon. Enjoy while we can be with family and friends!!! Cheers, and much love!!!
p.s. Don't forget to use code holidayblast at checkout when shopping on! ;-)

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