Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1. hovey lee's baby breath earrings // The perfect little present to say "hey, baby!" 
2. hovey lee e-gift card // Indulge in a shopping spree? Yes, please. 
3. hovey lee spark angel earrings // Can't go wrong with angel earrings that remind her of you!
4. madewell sidewalk skimmer // A shoe closet isn't complete without red flats. Trust me! 
5. bobbi set // Sparkle + pink = winning
6. image3d view master // The most thoughtful photo gift! Customize the reel with seven of your fave photos and watch them pop in the view master. 
7. juicy couture bralette // It's just cute and us girls all love a sexy bralette or two. 

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