Monday, February 27, 2012

Introducing guest blogger , Elena Lipson, aka Eco Diva

We're excited to introduce our second guest blogger here at Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry, Elena Lipson. She will be blogging for us right here this week.

Mother, Wife, Eco-Beauty Expert, Yogi, Raw/Gluten Free/Mostly Vegan Foodie, Holistic Health Consultant, Founder of featuring organic beauty product reviews. All of these things describe Elena Lipson. These days, Elena spends her days researching holistic health and beauty and advising individuals and companies in learning about whole foods and following their intuition to create a thriving, juicy and beautiful life. Besides playing with her precocious kiddo and hubby, one of her favorite pastimes is creating recipes for smoothies and her favorite gluten-free vegan foods.

You can find Elena at


We're in the process of lining up a roster of guest bloggers. If you'd like to guest blog for us, please drop me an email,, introducing yourself and telling us what sort of things you'd like to blog about. We're hoping to feature subjects and voices that would enrich the blog, particularly in terms of eco living perspectives, so if you think you can cover an area where we're under-represented we'd be especially keen to hear from you.

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