Saturday, July 18, 2009

More fantastic eco art!

Freehand painted venetian glass bead approx. 15mm on gold wire. Select your choice of color (rustic, teal, fire) by Hovey Lee Visit or click on the image above.

John T Unger- Bottle caps have long had a place in the folk art tradition as a decorative element. Usually, they are deployed more as a texture, willy nilly without sorting for color. His bottle cap mosaics were initially inspired by Haitian ritual flags, in which detailed images are realized entirely through the use of sequins. The first bottle cap pieces he did combined bottle caps with vitreous glass tile.

Each cap is sorted by brand or color, washed, dried, punched, partially crimped and finally nailed in overlapping scales to create a feeling of depth, light and shadow. Decorative nail heads emulate the texture of seed beads often used to reinforce the sequins on flags. Even the smaller fish require hundreds of caps to complete.
The most amazing thing about these fish is the way they interact with light. When you look at one or two caps from any brand, they're generally not all that impressive. But when you group hundreds of them together and let them catch the sunlight, they truly glow. The combination of the background color with the logo can create color tones that are vibrant and lively and wholly unexpected. More of his work can be found

Dryads Dancing began with picture frames made with reclaimed wood. Antique bead board, reclaimed molding and ceiling tin made into picture frames was the launching pad for the company. We have been committed to using salvaged materials from the beginning for several reasons.

Contemporary furniture is the newest addition to the dryads line. Beautiful reclaimed wood with the authentic paint to create the patched together surfaces. The plane the wood down so it is smooth and then add a coat or two of heavy matte lacquer. The welded steel frame makes the furniture very strong and durable. They also hand sand the steel to soften the edges and then patina to an antique bronze.

HOOTY- Barnwood meet barn owl. Folk art wooden canvas that is eco-friendly and cute and affordable. Made with reclaimed barn wood and salvaged roof tin makes this whimsical folk art charming in lots of ways.
Find more pieces here:

Beer Can Butterflies by Paul Villinski- NYC’s trash is Paul Villinski’s art. These beautiful art pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies. More can be seen here:

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Gumball rings on recycled wrapped copper wire band! A chic alternative to the silver and gold with different gumballs and sizes available: cultured pearls 10mm, rose quartz 15mm, and green agate 12mm. by Hovey Lee. Visit or click on the image above.

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